An Explorer’s Paradise

The California Desert National Conservation Lands are a place for endless exploration on hiking and driving trails, more than one could fit in a lifetime.

Unprecedented Landscape Level Protection

Combined with other protected lands in the region, the California Desert National Conservation Lands make up the largest intact landscape in the contiguous United States.

A Cornucopia of Scientific Discovery

More new species to science are being discovered within the California Desert National Conservation Lands than in the entire rest of the state.

Visit, enjoy, and lend your voice to the Lands!

Scattered throughout California’s southeastern corner are special treasures of unspoiled lands, from rocky peaks and sloping bajadas to saltscrub lowlands and rich riparian corridors.

These are the California Desert National Conservation Lands.

Established on September 14, 2016, the California Desert National Conservation Lands are additions to the National Conservation Lands—America’s newest collection of protected public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

These special places, now permanently protected, ensure that the public will be able to continue to explore and experience the culture, history, habitats, and landscapes that make the California Desert so unique. Visit, enjoy, and lend your voice to the Lands!

Calling All Storytellers & Photographers

If you’ve been to some of these special places and have pictures to share or stories to tell about your experiences and why you love these Lands, we want to hear from you! These Lands are YOUR Lands. Show us or tell us why YOU care. Let us get to know these places through YOUR eyes.

Sign the Petition

BLM made a commitment to protect the California Desert National Conservation Lands as part of an innovative plan to balance conservation and renewable energy development – two things that are vital to ensuring climate resilience, healthy ecosystems, and public access to treasured places.

Tell BLM that you care about these Desert Lands and want them protected for future generations – not for corporations – to explore and experience. Urge them to take all necessary steps to ensure full protection of these incredible places.


TO: United States Bureau of Land Management

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has achieved a great milestone in establishing the California Desert National Conservation Lands through the Desert Renewable Energy and Conservation Plan (DRECP).  The preservation of these lands for future generations is a vital component of this innovative plan to ensure balanced conservation and renewable energy development, crafted with the engagement of federal, state, local and industry stakeholders.  With this, BLM stands to lead the way in forward-thinking holistic management of our public lands.

I urge you to continue to demonstrate your commitment, and fulfill your mandated responsibility, to effectively managing and caring for these special places by ensuring that they are permanently protected from threats to their scenic, ecological, and cultural values.  To that end, BLM should establish legal definitions for the California Desert National Conservation Lands, and develop and implement appropriate step-down plan elements and travel management so that the Lands’ conservation values are safeguarded and the public is able to reasonably identify, access, and appreciate these places.  I also strongly encourage BLM to uphold the standards of protection for all National Conservation Lands and pursue opportunities to reduce corporate mining on these lands, which results in detrimental, landscape-level impacts and harms public access to these natural areas.

In order to ensure these new National Conservation Lands live up to their name and remain as natural, open, and undeveloped as possible for future generations, I support robust conservation management and permanent protection of the California Desert National Conservation Lands.

Thank you for your leadership in protecting these irreplaceable pieces of the California desert.