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Re-evaluating DRECP is waste of taxpayer money

Los Angeles can be an overwhelming place to live, especially for veterans. I often feel as if I’m surrounded by people who cannot relate to my experiences as a soldier in the United States Army. Luckily, I found my refuge and solace just a couple hours away in the California desert. Being in the desert […]

Love the outdoors? That’s why we must conserve our public lands

As the owner and operator of the original and largest outdoor adventure and eco-tour company in the California desert, I understand and value the many discoveries that await every guest who boards one of our Desert Adventure Red Jeeps. The excited and awe-struck reaction from my tour guests always brings me back to the main […]

Community Voices: Betty Yee

In my 30 years in public service, one of the most challenging and most rewarding activities was participating in the years-long collaborative effort that resulted in the historic Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP). The State Lands Commission, which I chair, took part in conversations at hundreds of public meetings about how to balance protection […]

Plan for California’s Desert: Don’t fix what isn’t broken

Our nation’s public lands are a defining feature of the American West, offering myriad opportunities to explore the great outdoors. While millions of us flock to parks, campgrounds, and recreation areas every year, many of our public lands are also available for other uses such as cattle grazing, mining, and oil drilling. This “multiple use” […]

Opinion: Trump’s ruthless attack on California’s desert lands

The Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan, which was finalized in 2016, provided historic conservation protections for public lands in California and a precedent-setting blueprint for how to balance energy development with conservation on our nation’s public lands. Local stakeholders, as well as thousands of citizens from throughout California and across the country, provided input over […]

Desert lands mark Zinke anniversary with plenty of uncertainty

Over the last year, Trump administration Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has placed a bulls-eye target on the California desert, with our national parks, monuments, water, wildlife and sacred wild spaces at its center. Zinke’s first year of actions would undermine over 40 years of progress and have placed over 6 million acres of desert lands […]

Stand up tonight for the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan

The Trump administration is poised to gut protections gained in the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan for millions of acres of California desert recreation and conservation lands to expand access for industrial energy projects, mining and off-highway vehicle recreation. We’ve worked too hard, too long and spoken too clearly to allow the Department of Interior […]