Take action to protect the California Desert

Scattered throughout the southeastern corner of the California Desert are more than 9 million acres of public lands, reaching from the northern end of Death Valley to the U.S.-Mexico Border. These unspoiled public lands were protected through federal legislation, monuments designation, and land-use planning processes over the last 25 years to preserve their spectacular scenery, ecological values, and rich human history. These desert treasures aren’t just lands you pass through — they’re destinations unto themselves.

Help us pass a resolution celebrating 25 years of desert conservation. This is an opportunity to showcase your city and region.

One of the biggest threats to the California Desert right now is the proposal by the Trump Administration to amend the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan, a collaborative effort of local, state and federal governments, energy developers, utilities, conservationists and tribes, which balances environmental concerns with development interests. The Desert Plan was carefully crafted to meet California’s ambitious renewable energy goals while protecting the desert’s unique conservation values and recreational opportunities.

You can help by contacting your city government and chamber of commerce to ask them to sign the resolution  supporting the Renewable Energy Conservation Plan.